Introducing RHYTHM.

The Music Player Windows Phone Deserved.

Same language, new conversation

RHYTHM bleeds Windows Phone. You won't mistake it as an app on any other platform.

Still, it advances the Modern (Metro) design language one step further, clearly demonstrating what was possible to achieve.

Superior naviagtion

No longer will you be confused, fumbling through menus to navigate your music library.

With RHYTHM, just choose where to look for something, then choose how you want the result displayed.

You can even search the categories: type "Friday" and find the Fridays that you've added songs to your phone.

The Windows Phone tradition

The under-appreciated Semantic Zoom and Hub make a bold appearance in RHYTHM.

Tap any header, say an artist or genre, to see a list of all headers of that type and jump to a specific location in the list.

As it is with most things Modern, once you get used to it you won't be able to live without it.


RHYTHM comes packed with features you've been missing. Take a look:


RHYTHM took 2 years to design and build. There were several reasons for this, me being lazy and having a day job were the primary ones.
But all this time gave me the opportunity to make sure I was comfortable with the app, using it progressively day to day, probing how I felt about how it works.

What drove me was the irritating fact that this wonderful little platform didn't have a quality, ad-free, non-commercial music player that it deserved. That's why I put the effort in and made the app free, to ensure the platform doesn't miss a good music player.

It took a lot of time and focus, at times getting challenging due to lack of resources out there for Windows Phone. But I feel confident about the final result.

I vow to support and update RHYTHM for free as long as there are Windows Phones out there. But in this path I would appreciate you, the users, supporting my maintenance and update efforts through your donations, available under RHYTHM > donate in the app.

I hope you enjoy using RHYTHM as much as I enjoyed making it.