Privacy Policy

1. Does RHYTHM collect or use your personal information?

What RHYTHM does:

  1. Uses your internet connection to download and update content.
  2. Accesses your phone's local music, either located on the phone memory or an external storage medium such as an SD card.
  3. Uses the artist, album and title of your songs collection to download appropriate album art and artist art, in addition to song lyrics.
  4. Accesses your online songs collection on your OneDrive account to sync and enable downloading and uploading of songs and playlists.
  5. Sends requests, including the title, artist and album name of the currently playing song, to 3rd party services such as Spotify among others, to access additional resources such as album and artist art.

RHYTHM does not:

  1. Store any personal data.
  2. Share any personal data with a third party.

2. How do I contact the developer if I have a concern?

You can use the menus in the app to access the Feedback page, where you can send and email to the developer or rate and review the app in the Windows Store.